Get your back waxed, hairy IT geek !

08 Mar 13

While TV shows such as "Beauty and the Geek" might make you think that a hairy back is socially acceptable, most kiwi girls and even ladies don't.

An innovative beautician in the Auckland CBD is determined to change this however, by offering special prices to geeky guys to have it all taken away.

You might have thought that waxing is just the domain of ladies, but more and more average kiwi blokes are getting the treatment.

"Hairy is dreary" according to Helena Carter from INBODY, and she want's to get her hands on more guys from IT.

The deal is available until the end of March, but make sure you refer to Techday as it will save you 27%. Prices are normally $55 and down to $40 for geeks providing proof (like a business card).

Located in the Smith & Caughey Building in central Auckland, all you have to do is call and make an appointment on 09 916-0787, they can even do lunchtime appointments.

More info at INBODY

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