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Getty Images delves into the world of NFTs with Candy Digital

Getty Images and Candy Digital, the next-generation digital collectible company, have announced a new multi-year partnership agreement that makes Candy Digital the exclusive developer and marketplace for Getty Images NFTs.

This is Candy Digital's inaugural arts and culture partnership, marking an expansion into digital collectibles and experiences beyond sports.

According to a statement, through this partnership, Getty Images and Candy Digital will collaborate and develop a diverse portfolio of NFT products and collections derived from Getty Images extensive library of more than 465 million images, including more than 135 million analogue images from Getty Images photographic archive.

Iconic and defining moments from the last 170 years of history are contained in this repository of photography, spanning the worlds of art, culture, music, world events, and more, Getty states.

In addition, many of Getty Images' analogue archival photographs have never been seen before by the general public and contained within this collection are very rare images from known photographers.

As part of this new partnership, Getty Images and Candy Digital will showcase these works alongside contemporary images in a variety of different digital formats, for people to view and collect for the first time.

Photography and NFT collectors will be able to seamlessly purchase, sell and trade official digital collectibles through the Getty Images marketplace on Candy, which will support primary and secondary market transactions and purchases using credit card or crypto payments.

The NFTs will be minted on the Palm blockchain, a scalable, environmentally friendly, Ethereum-compatible side-chain.

Getty Images CEO Craig Peters says, “With the very best content at our core, innovation is woven into the fabric of Getty Images and this partnership speaks to our mission to connect people with our high quality, exclusive visual content.

"We are proud to work with Candy Digital to expand our offering to the fast-growing global audience of NFT collectors, representing significant opportunities for the company and our global photographer community.

Candy Digital CEO Scott Lawin says, “The introduction of photography represented a seismic shift in how we were able to document, store, and share our history. We're thrilled to be working with Getty Images to develop NFT products that creatively bring these iconic and rare photographs from the last two centuries to life for people to experience and collect in a new digital format.

"This partnership represents an exciting step forward in Candy's evolution as we expand and diversify beyond sports and establish Candy as a leader in the worlds of digital entertainment, culture, and art.

The initial range of products that Candy Digital is creating will be derived from Getty Images owned content and will be made available in the coming months.

Getty Images also adds more than 30 million new digital assets to its platform each year, which will present opportunities to develop additional, more contemporary collections with Candy Digital over the course of this partnership as well, the company states.

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