01 Sep 2010
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Kiwis, like the English (and the Irish, Americans, Germans, Australians and everyone else), love their beer. And while it’s easy for any binge-drinking university student to claim true love when it comes to ‘loudmouth soup’, there are those whose love of the sweet amber extends well beyond its pleasing psychological effects. www.realbeer.co.nz is a site dedicated to the committed Kiwi beer epicurean. It’s a great resource for beer enthusiasts of all types, containing all the latest news and opinions around the New Zealand beer scene, as well as a very active forum offering advice, stories and discussion, and a comprehensive selection of photos and videos. There’s also plenty of links to breweries, brew pubs and beer shopping sites, and details about New Zealand’s various beer festivals.Whether you’re wondering whether beer or wine goes better with ham (it turns out it’s beer, duh), need advice on your home brewing or just want to touch base with other beer devotees (you can also sign up for the RSS feed and follow them on Twitter), www.realbeer.co.nz is the place to do it.

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