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Good luck bringing your watch into your exam
Mon, 11th May 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Following the recent release of the Apple Watch and the surge in uptake of wearables, Massey University has banned watches from examination rooms.

This includes smart watches as well as traditional analogue and digital watches.

Smart watches, such as the Apple Watch, can be used to access information that relates to exam content as users can read messages and articles on their device.

In order to remain a step ahead, Massey has put watches in the same category as laptops and cellphones and put a blanket ban in place, with strict rules and consequences to prevent a students using them in the exam room.

In a statement to One News, Massey said, "Many smart watches can be configured to look just like a normal watch, so it is not possible to just ban smart watches.

"For this reason, the new examination rule prohibits any student having any watch in the examination room."

Clocks will displayed in the rooms and exam supervisors will keep students updated on time as per usual.

Massey University joins a slew of other schools around the world that are putting restrictions on bringing watches into exam rooms.

City University in London has banned watches, Southampton University has told students to display watches in clear plastic bag, and Goldsmiths University has made students store their watches under their desk.

On top of this, Queen Mary, University of London has told students to take off their electronic watches, and Oxford and Cambridge have told students their watches may be examined.