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Google fined over Street View gaffe

22 Mar 2011

The Google Street View data uproar hasn't quite died down yet for Google. 

In France the company has been fined by a privacy watchdog for gathering personal data from wi-fi networks while taking pictures for Street View. 

While the fine of 100,000 euros (ND$193,000) is the largest penalty CNIL has ever dished out, it’s probably nothing more than a drop in the ocean for the internet search giant.  

Google apologised for the situation and said it would delete all data. 

According to the BBC, CNIL criticised Google for its conduct during its investigation.

"They were not always willing to co-operate with us, they didn't give us all the information we asked for, like the source code of all devices in the Google cars," said Yann Padova, CNIL's executive director. "They were not always very transparent."

Google has two months to appeal the fine.