Google launches revamped eBookstore

08 Dec 10

“Today is the first page in a new chapter of our mission to improve access to the cultural and educational treasures we know as books,” beamed Product Manager Abraham Murray as the new-look Google eBooks launched in the US yesterday.

Google eBooks has relaunched in the US where users can browse through what Google calls the largest ebooks collection in the world.

“We designed Google eBooks to be open,” Murray continued. “Many devices are compatible with Google eBooks—everything from laptops to netbooks to tablets to smartphones to e-readers. With the new Google eBooks Web Reader, you can buy, store and read Google eBooks in the cloud. That means you can access your ebooks like you would messages in Gmail or photos in Picasa—using a free, password-protected Google account with unlimited ebooks storage.”

Free apps are also being prepared for Android and Apple devices.

“When Google Books first launched in 2004, we set out to make the information stored in the world’s books accessible and useful online. Since then, we’ve digitised more than 15 million books from more than 35,000 publishers, more than 40 libraries, and more than 100 countries in more than 400 languages. This deep repository of knowledge and culture will continue to be searchable through Google Books search in the research section alongside the ebookstore,” added Murray.

Unfortunately there’s no word on when Google eBooks will be launched in New Zealand but we’ll keep you posted.

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