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Google moves threaten independent legal counsel

Google has prevented a multi-national legal services firm from advertising its services, claiming a person does not need legal counsel.

The search engine stated that it is now the company's policy with the impact on legal businesses advertising online expected to be profound according to legal firm Globalvisas.com.

Defended clients’ rights to live in the country of their choice since 1996, Globalvisas.com says Google is demanding all firms providing legal counsel should link prominently from their pay per click landing page to the government.

Google justified their stance by claiming that going directly without representation is cheaper yet has been accused of damaging its ability and reputation to connect vulnerable people with those who can provide confidential, independent legal advice.

"If this is a sign of things to come, where Google enforces its own rules and ignores law societies and regulatory bodies, it does not bode well," says Liam Clifford, Globalvisas.com CEO and founder.

"I asked Google to comment but the reply was simple: we don't care who you are regulated with, we are a private company and we can set our own policy.

"This comes from a company that claims to do no evil."

Should legal firms be allowed to advertise through Google? Should they have such power in the industry? Tell us your thoughts below

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