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Google News site revamp makes it easier deep-dive into topics you actually care about
Thu, 29th Jun 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Google News has gone through the makeover treatment not only to make it better-looking, but to help readers get different perspectives on news issues, without falling victim to fake news.

The first revamp to Google News on desktop in six years, the redesign emphasises factual accuracy and better perspectives for users.

The company says its new user interface is less cluttered. The card format is easier on the eye for browsing, scanning and finding related articles about a particular story. It's also easier to find publisher names and article labels.

But quite possibly the most important thing for navigation? It keeps your view and place on the page as you go back and forth from stories and topics.

When you're on a mission to research topics more, Google's Story cards allow users to quickly glance at a story and through a range of options, can dig deeper. The 'full coverage' page allows readers to deep dive into the story, while the 'related' block makes it easier to find similar articles.

One thing that's currently only available in the US is Google's 'Fact Check' label, which is essentially its way of fighting the spread of fake news. The company says that facts are at the heart of a story's credibility.

If rolled out to Google's local news pages, users will be able to use the label to gain access to fact checking articles that investigate claims made in a story.

It's not only navigation that has taken a step up: customisation plays a major part in the site's redesign.

If you're more interested in tech news than sports news, users can customise the new layout to a system that works for them - whether topics like 'technology' or for specific keywords such as 'AI'.

Google settings can customise and edit sections, add or remove interests and add or remove news sources.

Videos now have more prominence as they become a popular form of news. Top videos are highlighted in a story card and the video player is much better, Google says.