FutureFive NZ - Google releases 'Priority' mail for Gmail

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Google releases 'Priority' mail for Gmail

Gmail has debuted a new way to keep on top of email overload.

Priority Inbox is an automated program which divides incoming email into three different categories: "Important and unread" messages, "Starred" and "Everything else."

"As messages come in, Gmail automatically flags some of them as important," reads a post from the Google Blog.


"Gmail uses a variety of signals to predict which messages are important, including the people you email most (if you email Bob a lot, a message from Bob is probably important) and which messages you open and reply to (these are likely more important than the ones you skip over)".

The system also improves over time, based on your actions, and will become more accurate the longer you use it.

Priority Inbox will be rolled out over the next week.

For a detailed overview of the system click here.

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