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Google releases revamped Chrome 32...

Google has today released the latest stable version of its Chrome browser, including many of the features that recently arrived in the beta channel.

Including improved malware blocking and tab indicators for when a site is playing sound, accessing the webcam and sending video to Chromecast, the search giant now uses a speaker icon, blue rectangle and red dot to indicate these different functions.

Those indicators are a real helping hand for anyone who has tried to figure out which tab suddenly started playing music or a video. Google started tinkering with this back in early 2013 yet only applied it to a beta release in November.

Chrome 32 also includes Google's new malware blocker, so the company should automatically block any downloads it identifies as malware.

Windows 8 (or 8.1) users will be greeted with a new Metro version so Chrome now looks like ChromeOS with its integrated app launched on Windows. In previous versions, the Metro mode simply presented users with the regular Chrome interface.

Now Google is actually using the Metro mode to its advantage and is basically bringing ChromeOS to Windows.

This latest version also provides support for Chrome’s "supervised user" feature, with this family members can check on a child's browsing history, for example, and set up site restrictions through Chrome.

As expected the release also features a total of 21 security fixes, performance and stability improvements.