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Google slammed with antitrust accusation

25 Feb 10

The European Union has agreed to investigate charges of monopolistic practices made against Google by three companies, Foundem,, and Microsoft's Ciao! from Bing.

The accusations stem from Google’s use of its search engine algorithms which some claim the company is manipulating in an attempt to blacklist competitors.

While the commission has stated that this doesn’t amount to a formal investigation at this stage, Google has already commented on the allegations in a recent blog post:

"As Google has grown, we've not surprisingly faced more questions about our role in the advertising ecosystem and our overall approach to competition. This kind of scrutiny goes with the territory when you are a large company. However, we've always worked hard to ensure that our success is earned the right way--through technological innovation and great products, rather than by locking in our users or advertisers, or creating artificial barriers to entry."

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