Google tablet in the works

13 Apr 10

Google has officially confirmed that it is working on a tablet computer that will likely rival Apple's iPad. 

CEO Eric Schmidt announced that the tablet will run on Google’s Android platform. Many speculated that the tablet would run on Google’s Chrome OS in order to make it more like a computer and less like an oversized mobile phone, but it seems that the company is classifying the tablet as more of a mobile device, just like Apple has done with its iPad OS. 

The Google tablet is under a cloak of secrecy, but the company has already talked to book and magazine publishers about bringing their content to the tablet. 

While nothing is known about the tablet’s costs or features, it will probably rival the iPad with both in order to sway users away from Apple due of the tension between the two companies. After Google stepped on Apple’s toes introducing its own smartphone, which had an effect on the iPhone’s market share, Google seems poised to do the same with its tablet. 

Google is also prepping an Android app marketplace for its own tablet and other tablets running Android. In addition to the Slate tablet, HP is working on a smaller tablet that will run Android OS. 

Among others, HP, Microsoft and Dell have tablet devices in the works, and there are rumours that cell phone giant Nokia is also developing some sort of tablet. This is good news for consumers who will soon have more choices than ever when it comes to tablet devices.

Via The New York Times.

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