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Google to build UFB network in Kansas

31 Mar 2011

Google has announced that it will build a "ultra high-speed network" in Kansas City, Kansas. 

The firm has signed a development agreement with the city and says it will work closely with local organisations, businesses and universities to bring a next-generation web experience to the community.

Since making the announcement earlier today, some communities have expressed disappointment not to have been selected for the initial build.

"So just to reiterate what I've said many times in interviews: we're so thrilled by the interest we've generated" today is the start, not the of end the project. And over the coming months, we'll be talking to other interested cities about the possibility of us bringing ultra high-speed broadband to their communities," explained Milo Medin, Vice President, Access Services. 

Medin added, "Over the past decade, the jump from dial-up to broadband has led to streaming online video, digital music sales, video conferencing over the web and countless other innovations that have transformed communication and commerce. 

"We can't wait to see what new products and services will emerge as Kansas City moves from traditional broadband to ultra high-speed fibre optic connections."

Here's a video announcing the project: