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Google to launch iCloud challenge next week

17 Apr 2012

Google could be launching its long-rumoured cloud storage offering, Google Drive, as early as next week, and with integration with Apple operating systems on the cards it may come as an alternative to Apple’s iCloud. 

According to a draft release obtained by The Next Web, Google Drive will offer 5GB of storage for free, the same amount as Apple offers with iCloud and 3GB more than is on offer with popular service DropBox, which works on most major platforms.

The release doesn’t specify that Google Drive will integrate directly with OS X or iOS, but says the app will work ‘in desktop folders’ on both Mac and Windows machines.

With TechCrunch already showing off their copy of the app, it seems the suggestion of a launch next week could definitely be on the money. We’ll just have to wait until then to see what the service’s Apple integration is like.