Google TV to go worldwide in 2011

08 Sep 10

Google has said that its much-talked about TV service will launch in the US later this year before going worldwide in 2011. 

Speaking at a consumer electronics trade fair in Germany, CEO Eric Schmidt said the service would be free and that Google had signed deals with several programme makers and electronics manufacturers for content and devices. 

"We will work with content providers, but it is very unlikely that we will get into actual content production," Schmidt said. 

So far Sony has agreed to have Google TV on its television sets and Samsung is looking into it. 

Last week Apple announced a revamp and new price point of its Apple TV device.

“The new Apple TV, paired with the largest selection of online HD movies, lets users watch Hollywood content on their HD TV whenever they want,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “This tiny, silent box costing just NZD$169 lets users watch thousands of HD movies, and makes all of their music, photos and videos effortlessly available on their home entertainment system.”

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