Google's Q3 earnings leaked early

19 Oct 12

Google's third-quarter earnings were dramatically released in the middle of the U.S. trading day this morning, sending the company stock into nosedive mode.

The internet search engine apparently released the results by accident, with their "consolidated earnings" below analyst's expectations.

After appearing on the SEC website, Google claimed the issued press release was in fact a draft with earnings supposed to come out after the market closed today at around mid-morning New Zealand time.

Yet the results are out, with the company consolidating revenues (including Motorola) of US$14.1bn, representing a 45% increase from last year in the first quarter Motorola revenues were reported.

Google reported a $2.58bn contribution from Motorola, with the mobile company operating at a loss of $527m during the quarter ending September 30.

Compared with the same period for 2011, search clicks were up 33% with cost-per-click, traffic acquisition costs and other expenses up as a result.

Google only results included $11.52bn revenue, representing a 19% increase from last year as the company stock skimped roughly 10% after the leak.

Other notable highlights of the findings show a noteworthy gap in full-time employees between the last two quarters.

At the end of June the company employed 54,604 full-time stage thanks to the influx of 20,292 employees from Motorola.

But as of September 30 the multinational firm reported 53,546 on their staff list, showing a loss of 1,058 jobs, all coming from the Motorola side of the business.

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