FutureFive NZ - Gran Turismo reality show premieres next week

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Gran Turismo reality show premieres next week

Sony and C4 have announced GT Academy: a reality TV show that follows the events of this year’s GT Academy contestants as they compete for the chance to compete in the real-world European GT4 Cup.

The GT Academy is a competition that aims to unearth a real-world racing talent from entrants from around the world. This year's event was the first time the competition was open to New Zealanders, with 19-year-old Tony Autridge beating out 19 other Kiwis to represent New Zealand. The show traces his story from taking out the New Zealand finals to heading to the Silverstone Circuit GT training boot camp in the UK with 20 other regional finalists from around the world.

The show will air every Thursday at 10.30pm, with a six-episode season from November 11th through to December 15th. We'll post the trailer for the series here just as soon as we're done downloading the thing - stay tuned!

Also, check out the November issue of Game Console (available now) for NZ GT Academy representative Tony Autridge's top tips for the upcoming Gran Turismo 5!

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