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Gran Turismo Sport will soon get a new single player mode called GT League

23 Nov 2017

Gran Turismo Sport was criticised at launch thanks to the game lacking a proper single player campaign. Well now fans can celebrate because the game is getting a new single player GT League mode. 

The PlayStation Blog revealed that GT League is coming to the game as a free update this December. This mode is based on the old-school 'GT Mode' that was seen in the previous games. 

Four leagues are available for you to participate in. This includes the Beginner League, Amateur League, Professional League and even an Endurance League. 

Many of the leagues feature classic races such as the Sunday Cup, 4WD challenge and many more. These are proper single player races and aren't the license trials that were released at launch. 

Sony also announced that from today until March 2018, 50 new cars will be available for free. This is great news since you don't have to pay for DLC for all of the additional content. 

Gran Turismo Sport is out now for the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. These new free updates should make the game better than what was offered at launch. 

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