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Gran Turismo

01 Dec 09

Gran Turismo, the game that was originally going to be a launch title for the PSP, has finally arrived a whole half-decade later. 
From a visual standpoint, the long wait was totally worth it. Side by side with Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2, the graphics were almost identical. This is quite an achievement for the handheld.
Disappointingly, however, there is no online play; multiplayer is limited to ad-hoc play only.
The lack of any sort of career mode may be a turn-off to some gamers. Personally, I thought this was a good move on developer Polyphony’s part as it made the game a little more accessible. First, you pick one of three racing disciplines: single race, time trial, and drift. After that, you choose your car and track, and then off you race. No annoying licences to complete, and all tracks are available from the start.
There are an unprecedented 800 cars for you to choose from, but only four dealerships are available at any one time. They change at random after each race you complete, meaning you cannot view all the cars in this game at once.
Criminally, there’s still no customisation either, so once you buy your car, that’s it. You still cannot even change the paint job upon purchasing your chosen vehicle.
The drifting mode has had a major overhaul compared to its last appearance in Gran Tursimo 5: Prologue. Although there is still sectional drift, you can now drift the full track, allowing you to create your own drift lines for as long as you want in the hopes of getting as many points as possible.
One thing that may also disappoint long-term Gran Turismo fans is the exclusion of car tuning. You’re no longer able to buy that expensive turbo engine to make your car go faster or get that much-needed weight reduction on that heavy 4WD.
For those longing for a game that’ll occupy them for hours on end, then this game isn’t for you. But it will pass the time till whenever Gran Turismo 5 arrives.