FutureFive NZ - Grant Theft Auto V release date leaked?

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Grant Theft Auto V release date leaked?

An online retailer has apparently leaked the release date of Grand Theft Auto V – and if it’s accurate, it’s a whole lot sooner than expected.

Rumours have been flying about what could be this year’s most anticipated game (apart from Skyrim, but that wins most things by default so we’ll ignore that), but online shop zavvi.com has listed pre-order copies of the game on the sly.

Included in the listing is a price of £39.95 with a scheduled release later this year for November 23.

It is possible that Zavvi has simply listed a date at random, however, in an effort to increase site traffic.

But if it is legit, then we’ll have what looks to be a pretty amazing game on the shelves for Christmas this year – take a look at these new screenshots that have been floating around the net amidst much speculation as to what they tell us about the game.

One screenshot depicts two dirt-bike riders, which is nothing new for a GTA game; however, the other two shots show a tennis game and what looks very much like a guy base-jumping.
Intriguing, to say the least.

Also included are three shots of various vehicles in the game, including a bicycle, sports car and fighter jet – the backgrounds reveal that the game is set in San Andreas, which is nostalgic and awesome on so many levels it hurts my face to think about it.

If you think the screenshots look good then cross your fingers and pray that the Zavvi release date is accurate – take a look at the post here and let us know your thoughts. Legitimate, or are we being taken for a ride?

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