FutureFive NZ - Greens to receive new .eco domain name

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Greens to receive new .eco domain name

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers (the group responsible for issuing domain endings) will soon be releasing a host of new domain names, including one specifically designated for green-friendly websites.

Those wanting to display their green credentials will be able to use the extension just as they currently use .org or .com suffixes.

“Dot eco domain names are coming and soon every email and website that ends in ‘eco’ will send a powerful signal that its owner is in some way eco-friendly” said Jacob Malthouse, Co-founder of Big Room Inc. a group which, has been pushing for the creation of the .eco suffix since June.

The scheme is supported by the World Wildlife Fund.

“.eco is a unique global resource which must be stewarded effectively and responsibly to promote sustainability around the world,” said Martin Atkin, Director of External & Media Relations for WWF International.

“Big Room’s vision for .eco will create a new, credible and trustworthy internet extension that will make a real difference for individuals and for the environment.”

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