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Gripshift – Xbox Live Arcade

GripShift was originally created by Sidhe Interactive for the PSP. I’d like to be able to say that the Xbox 360 version (downloadable now via the Xbox 360 Marketplace for 800 MS points) plays like a direct port but the 360 version really does leave behind the PSP version in a virtual puff of smoke. Just out of interest, it’s also available for the PlayStation 3.

Visually, the game is slick. The colours in the game are vibrant and stunning and the animation is sound. The soundtrack used in the game is also funky and stylish and compliments the game’s whacky racing tracks extremely well. It’s pretty distinctive for yet another racing game. You may have thought you’d had your quota of racing games this season but GripShift has character and a uniqueness to it that’s refreshing.

Normally, I don’t dig racing games all that much but GripShift is extremely fun to play. The racing tracks are inventive and challenging. You won’t find this game a push over by any means which is great if you’re the type of gamer that likes to be competitive when you play.
I liked GripShift enough to say that the download is worth every one of the 800 odd MS points you’ll spend acquiring the game. In a very similar vein as the racing games in the latest Viva Piñata franchise Viva Piñata: Party Animals, GripShift is an imaginative and inspiring piece of work from the team at Sidhe and a testament to all the great local video game development that is going on right here in New Zealand.

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