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GTA V secrets leaked...

31 May 13

If you’re desperate for Grand Theft Auto V information, then you’re in luck because we have some dodgy, word of mouth, now-deleted information from some random on Reddit for you.

A Reddit user who attended a GTA V demo event in Warsaw, Poland conducted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on the website, after which the post and account were deleted.

However, Gamingbolt has obtained a saved version of the page and has put it back online, and some of the details are mildly exciting.

The game will apparently be as violent and gory as GTA IV, however there will be one major difference between the two.

“GTA V has this magical thing called colours,” wrote the user. It was also noted the demonstration was clearly a work in project title.

“It looked better than IV, definitely, but it wasn’t trailer-level. I’m quite sure I’ve noticed aliasing on more than one occasion.”

As with the previous instalments in the GTA series, the combat system lets you pump quite a few bullets into your foes before they go down, ensuring plenty of blood and a very satisfying feeling that you deservec your kill. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type.

So, what thing looked the most awe-inspiring?

The answer, weirdly enough: “water was surely the best-looking part of the game”. Fair enough, I suppose.

On top of that, while swimming the AI of the fish means they actually swim away from you. It’s the little things that count.

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