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Haier to launch all-scenario smart home solution

Mon, 12th Mar 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The solution was designed to connect an entire household into one system following the concept of 4+7+N, with 4 representing the living scenarios of a smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom and smart bedroom, 7 representing comprehensive solutions for air, water, clothes care, security, voice control, health and information, and N being the variable that allows users to customise the smart home experience to best suit their needs.

Haier VP Wang Ye says, “Haier Smart Home, our strategy in the IoT era, brings convenience, health, safety and comfort to customers with one-stop, all-scenario solutions.

“Haier is transitioning from a traditional manufacturer to an open entrepreneurial platform, integrating social features that can interface with local businesses, while building a smart home platform that enables interconnectivity between our high-quality products to customers around the world."

Haier will manufacture its smart home appliances through COSMOPlat, the largest-scale customisable solution platform which integrates global resources, cross-validates with users to achieve all-around interactive control of household appliances, customises living scenarios, individualises appliance functions intelligently and centralises a family's information in one hub.

Haier CTO Zhao Feng says, “Take the all-household water solution as an example, users won't need products from different brands after they install Haier's Solution, which includes a water softener system, pre-filter and pipeline water dispenser.

“The system can manage the water usage of the entire household, monitor water quality and alert users when a change of filter is needed.

The same concept applies to all aspects of maintaining a smart household with the Solution, and with advanced data support, it can pay attention to the smallest details and sense the needs of users, including things like recipe recommendations and air flow regulation.

The Haier Group boasts 66 trading companies, 10 R-D Centers, 108 manufacturing bases and 24 innovative industrial parks with more than 73,000 employees across the world.

It also has a global selling network comprised of 143,300 sales outlets spanning more than 160 countries.

Its presence in New Zealand comes primarily from Fisher - Paykel.

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