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When you see an enemy, call it out. You should tell your team mates where they are, who they are, what weapon they have. The more information teammates will have of killing that player. Also remember to listen to your teammates! have and how much shield they you give, the better chance your


There are nav-points above your teammates’ heads; use these to quickly fi nd your teammates and stay near them. Teaming up on stray enemies is a good way to rack up kills in a Team Slayer game-type. Also, if you have taken damage and your shields are down, don't be afraid to hide behind teammates to stay alive.


Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Odd Ball are all objective based game-types, where doing objective work scores you the win, not kills. So don't camp in your base with a sniper rifl e if it’s CTF; push up and help capture that fl ag! When a teammate is holding the odd ball or is in the hill, make sure you are helping them stay alive so that they can continue to rack up the time. The objective is the thing that matters here, not your kill-to-death ratio.


If you are beginning to play competitively, you will play game-types where you spawn with a BR, the mostused weapon. You should always carry a BR because they are the most versatile weapon in the game, and you should practise hitting every shot you fi re. BR bullets do not hit instantly like they did in Halo 2, so when fi ring long range, make sure you ‘lead’ your shot (aim ahead of a moving target) to compensate.


You never know when you are going to have to pick up that sniper rifl e and land a headshot on the fl ag carrier to save the day. Practise sniping in the Team Snipers playlist on Xbox LIVE. But remember: headshots aren't everything. If you aren’t feeling confi dent, just aim for the body and take an opponent’s shield down. It’s a safer bet than aiming for the head and missing.


Rockets can be a game changer; you can take down a whole team with a rocket launcher if you use it well. In Halo 3, rockets move pretty slowly through the air, so use them from close to medium range, otherwise the enemy can easily dodge it. If you have a rocket launcher and the enemy is far away, opt for the battle rifl e instead of wasting your rockets.


Power weapons and power-ups are very useful in securing a victory. Rocket launchers, maulers, sniper rifl es, active camos and overshields all are valuable items in the game that can turn you into a killing machine. Also, they all re-spawn after a set amount of time. Go to tinyurl.com/25donye to fi nd out exactly when these items respawn in the competitive MLG settings. Memorise the respawn times to help secure these power items for your team as quickly as possible.


When you fi nd yourself in an opponent’s face, shoot them twice with the BR then melee them for a quick kill. Bashing someone who has half shields or less results in their death, so a two-shot beat-down is a faster way to kill someone up close than two melee attacks. If you fi nd close combat diffi cult, you can always just resort to using a mauler (but be prepared to be called a noob!).


When playing on Xbox LIVE you will encounter lag and latency, especially when playing in matchmaking with foreign hosts. Some of your shots may not register on enemies, and it can become frustrating. But when playing a team game, complaining about how you died will just cause your team to play worse. If someone killed you, instead of complaining about it, you should watch the enemy on your death cam and tell your teammates everything you know about them. This will allow your team to easily take down the offender, instead of letting them get away.

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