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Halo 4 Champions Bundle revealed...

343 Industries has today announced the worldwide release of Halo 4: Champions Bundle on August 21.

This new multi-player pack contains two new support upgrades for Spartans; Recharge, decreasing the time it takes for your shield to recharge and Survivor, ejecting you out of a vehicle if it’s about to explode.

The fourth major expansion pack for Halo 4, the Champions Bundle has been developed to include three DLC packs:

Bullseye Pack – 2 new multiplayer maps – Pitfall and Vertigo

Pitfall is a remake of Halo 3’sThe Pit but contains new features based on Pro and Community feedback for increased pace and flow.

The map is small and open with strategically placed cover points. Vertigo is a small map that any slayer or extraction fan will love. Opposing Spartans are not the only thing you have to worry about.

This map contains a trigger point, that when shot at will deplete the shields of all Spartans within range. The pack also contains a sports-themed Spartan armour, and a new gravball game called Ricochet.

Infinity Armour Pack – Set your Spartan up with new armour

Steel Skin Pack – bring steampunk style to your UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weapons

The Champions Bundle is available on Xbox Live for 800 Microsoft Points.