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Halo 4 ready for action

27 Sep 2012

Those of you hanging out for Halo 4’s release will be pleased to hear development is officially complete and the game is now ready for certification.

This comes from franchise development director Frank O’Connor, who spoke at a Halo 4 press conference at the London Film Museum just hours ago.

“We had a big piece of news yesterday back in the office, which is that the game is literally finished at this point,” he says.

“They are handing it off through the various certification processes and that, and we’re done.

"It’s been three years of incredibly hard work by about 300 people.”

In other Halo 4 news, a huge batch of new screenshots has emerged confirming that The Flood will be returning to the franchise.

The Flood, if you don’t know, are parasitic alien beasts that run about infecting everything they can get close to. In Halo 4 they feature in a new multiplayer mode called Flood, with two players starting as infected and attempting to infect all other players.

Also included in the screenshots were snaps of two new vehicles, a mobile-infantry carrier called a Mammoth and an enormous machine called the Mantis.

Halo 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games this year, and will release exclusively on the Xbox 360 on November 6.

Past reaction to The Flood has been mixed – will you be happy to see the little infectious bastards back, or are they a little bit tired now? Let us know below.