FutureFive NZ - Halo: Reach beta eclipses Halo 3 beta

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Halo: Reach beta eclipses Halo 3 beta

More players jumped on the Halo: Beta Reach in the first day than during the entire Halo 3 beta, says Bungie.

A lovely little stat has been released that goes some way to proving what Microsoft was beating its chest about before the Reach Beta launched – that it would be the biggest test in entertainment history.

During a Machinima overview of the new beta modes that we all got to play (or test), official Bungie stats say that more players logged into the Halo: Beta on day one than during the entire time the Halo 3 beta ran for. That's progress for you.

The Bungie website currently says that 282,873 players have been active over the past 24 hours. And they were so busy that they got through 12, 730, 528 games. That’s a lot of Halo.

The Reach beta is also about to end - so make those last few games count.

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