FutureFive NZ - Halo: Reach - six minute video tutorial

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Halo: Reach - six minute video tutorial

Maps, weapons, modes and tactics revealed in a very American video tutorial.

Aisha Tyler fronts the video and is well pumped for the beta. She uses words like 'awesome' way too much and actually thinks she might beat us on the battlefield.

There's plenty of information to soak up while you wait for the beta to download. Maps, weapons, controls, modes and tactics are all there. It’s all very serious too.

The beta is now live. Chris has a quick jam on it before work this morning. He said that, even though it took a little while to connect, it was all good. Shout out your thoughts on it below. Here's the schedule of game modes that will initially be on offer.

  • May 4: Arena mode (Ranked 4 vs. 4 Team Slayer matches), plus Free-for-All and Grab Bag playlists 

  • May 7: Spartan vs Elite ‘Invasion’ mode playlist 

  • May 14: Generator Defense mode playlist

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