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Hands-free calling boom for telco

The Government’s ban on handheld mobile has proved to be a significant boom for Telecom, with sales of hands-free kits increasing by 200% since June this year.
The ban on using mobile phones comes into force on Sunday November 1.
Telecom spokesman Nick Brown says while the company strongly recommends refraining from anything that may distract you while driving, if you must make a call there are legal ways to do it.
And being complaint with the law doesn’t have to be expensive, he says.
Hands-free calling kits range from $20 up to $200 in price, he says.
But while sales of hands-free calling kits are hitting new highs, AA spokesman Mike Noon says the real concern it that people will make them the norm.
“Hands-free calling kits still put the driver at risk. They are a distraction,” he says. “Our advice is to minimise the use of mobile phones in cars. Drivers should only use hands-free calling if it is urgent. And if you’re in a difficult position, don’t accept the call.”

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