FutureFive NZ - Hands-on preview: Homefront

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Hands-on preview: Homefront

Of all the games I've been priveliged enough to get an early sneak-peek at, none have been as topical as Homefront. A piece of "speculative fiction" that tells the tale of a Korean-occupied United States in the not-too-distant future, this hands-on session comes mere days after another recent instance of North Korea flexing its military muscle on the world stage.

Where currently the tension still exists between North Korea and South Korea, this first-person shooter is set in the year 2027 where the North and South have been unified under the son of "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il as the Greater Korean Republic. Subsequently, the already undeniable military powerhouse that is North Korea has some added grunt, which has made a full-scale Korean People's Army (KPA) invasion of America (still reeling from the recession and the impending peak-oil crisis) a veritable cakewalk.

Here's a clip detailing the chilling back-story.

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