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Hands-on review: AG-WHP01K wireless headphones
Mon, 12th Jul 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

It's all too easy to get sucked into big name brands when it comes to technology equipment - over the past couple of years, we have covered many different headphones and earbuds by Sony and Sennheiser Jabra and others, and it's exciting to break that cycle with a look at a Japanese company I have never heard of before: AG.


The company nailed it when it comes to the design of the WHP01K. It looks just as elegant and sturdy as the leading brands. It is available in three colours: Black, Dark Gray and Cream. All three of the colours have a matte finish that is fingerprint-resistant. This small attention to detail is great as most headphones just end up looking grimy after a few weeks of use.

The design also takes into consideration different head shapes. While most headphones can be extended to fit larger heads, not many can actually be rotated. The AG-WHP01K rotates left and right to make sure that the seal around the back of the ear is perfect. This results in an improved listening experience, a stronger bass, and more accurate active noise cancelling. The Headphones also fold for easy storage and they come with a pouch which makes it convenient to carry the pair around.

The headphones also have an audio jack that allows them to be plugged in. This is perfect if they run out of battery, or if someone is editing music and wants to have zero chance of latency. And yes, the Aux cable comes with it.

Sound quality and noise cancellation

Since I was not familiar with the brand, I really did not know what to expect in terms of sound quality. The WHP01K actually sounds great! If I was blindfolded, I would not be able to tell them apart from other high-end headphones on the market. The sound was actually fine-tuned by a Japanese audio brand called Final.

The noise cancelling is where I was blown away. The WHP01K uses the same technology that Sony and Apple uses by placing two microphones in the headphones, one facing the inside and one the outside. The headphones analyse the noise coming through and then produce a wavelength opposite to that sound to cancel it out. This mixed with the design that seals around the ears results in pretty decent noise cancelling results.


The WHP01K uses USB-C for charging which is great. They also have a 35-hour playback battery life. That is amazing for a pair of headphones. For me, I only had to charge them a couple of times a week.


I was very happy with the AG-WHP01K. Over the past month, they slowly became headphones that I regularly grabbed. And now that I have tested them, I will definitely keep an eye out for any other AG sound products as the company seems to know what it is doing.