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Hands-on review: AndaSeat Fnatic Edition gaming chair
Thu, 25th Mar 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

I recently moved to a new apartment, which gave me the opportunity to redo my gaming setup. As part of the setup, I was able to get my hands on the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition.

Before the chair arrived, the only expectation I had was that it would be more comfortable than a regular office chair, and it would look good. My expectations were way too low for how good the chair actually is.

Let's start with the design. The chair looks great in the promotional material but it somehow looks even better in person. The black and orange colours are modern and can suit any existing setup. The fact that black is a prominent colour makes it possible to use the chair in a professional Zoom meeting. The chair is mostly made out of premium PVC leather.

The leather feels soft while also feeling rigid and high quality. It is the type of leather that can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth without having to worry about it ripping. I have used this chair every single day for over a month, and it still looks like it just came out of the box.

The AndaSeat also comes with two memory foam pillows. The bigger cushion is used for lumbar support. It is positioned behind the lower back and can be adjusted to match all hights. The smaller pillow goes behind the neck and provides an ergonomic headrest. It cradles the neck in a way that makes long sessions more comfortable.

Both pillows are covered in a darker black mesh material that is soft and luxurious. Once the pillows are in the right spot, the chair became more comfortable than my bed! I realise that may seem like an overreaction, but it is not. The AndaSeat is padded with a cold-cured high diversity foam for the utmost ergonomic support and comfort.

When the chair arrived, It needed to be put together. At first, I was nervous about this, but the instructions were clear and the chair arrived with all the tools needed to put it together. I ended up appreciating this process as it gave me extra confidence in the quality of the chair.

The website claimed the chair has a steel framework and is made from high-quality material and when putting it together it could physically feel the quality of all the components down to the smallest screw and knot.

The AndaSeat is not only comfortable but also versatile and adjustable. The chair is equipped with a class 4 hydraulic piston. This allows for smooth adjusting of the hight. The chair also has a 90 to 160-degree tilt mechanism that allows for rocking. This means you can choose the angle that is most comfortable for you and lock that angle in or if you are like me and can't sit still, then you can enjoy the rocking mode.

The versatility does not end with the tilting. The armrests are also the most adjustable I have ever seen on a chair. Not only can you adjust the hight but also the angle, how far back or forward they go and how far in or out.

While this may seem unnecessary to some people, it was one of my favourite features. This feature solved a problem I have with almost all other chairs. It is almost impossible to comfortably sit with my legs crossed in a gaming/office chair as the armrests are always in the way. But with the AndaSeat I can simply adjust those in a way that allows me to do so.

The AndaSeat Fnatic Edition has quickly become my favourite place to sit - so much so that I will be purchasing another one for the house! I can't recommend this chair enough.