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Hands-on review: Bonelk Gaming Laptop Stand
Tue, 6th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Nowadays, having a half-decent office setup at home is more important than ever, and investing in good quality accessories like keyboards, laptop stands, and chairs ensures your surroundings are as comfortable as possible. Gamers have known this for years, and Australian company Bonelk targets both home workers and gamers with much of its range.

As its name suggests, Bonelk’s Gaming Laptop Stand is more aimed towards the latter demographic mentioned, but that’s only realistically due to its space-age like appearance and the presence of RGB lighting on its underbelly.

No matter whether it’s for work or play, laptop stands are important for several reasons - they allow you to bring your laptop up to eye level, they massively reduce the chances of your device overheating, and they also allow for more desk space due to their elevated position.

Grand design

Its premium aluminium design really does feel high-end, and the sheer weight of the stand only accentuates the fact that the Gaming Laptop Stand is a very well-crafted bit of kit. Suitable to hold laptops ranging from 11” to 17” the design is very well thought out, allowing maximum airflow areas to ensure device cooling – which is especially useful should you be making full use of a high-powered gaming laptop. There are no rough or sharp edges on the stand either, so each corner feels smooth to touch.

The pivot tilting system finds the right balance between being able to easily adjust the angle and height your device sits at, all whilst maintaining the confidence that its going to support its weight with ease – it can hold weight of up to 5kg. The stand itself can raise your device anywhere from 40mm to 200mm. A handful of non-slip silicone pads keep your laptop in place and the stand itself from moving around on your desk.
The RGB lighting feature allows you to choose between seven colours over two modes – solid colour or breathing which can be interchanged via a click button. Unlike some other gaming products, the LEDs are rather minimalist and create a mellow ambience. The lighting system is powered by USB, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter is included in the box.


At AUD $119.99, the Bonelk Gaming Laptop Stand is a considerable investment, but the build quality suggests that it is made to last a lifetime. There are a range of cheaper alternatives available on Bonelk’s website which are undoubtedly also made with durability in mind, but the Gaming Laptop Stand has the undeniably cool looks to boot and would be a welcome addition to gaming rooms and home office setups alike.