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Hands-on review: Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro wireless mouse
Mon, 29th Jun 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Corsair is a manufacturer of high-quality gaming accessories and PC components. Including sensational PC cases right through to headphones.

This review is of the Pro version of their Corsair Dark Core RGB wireless mouse.

You have four ways to connect the mouse to your computer:

  • Through Bluetooth built into your computer.
  • Through the USB-A wireless dongle included.
  • Through the USB-A cable that is included.
  • Or finally through USB-C although you would need to buy a USB-C to USB-C cable additionally. Although they aren't expensive.

For the last two cabled options, the device itself has a USB-C port on the front of it. Included in the box is USB-C to USB-A cable.

For the wireless options, you can use the provided dongle into any USB-A port or use your devices built-in Bluetooth.

The dongle method uses a hyper-fast low latency sub-one-millisecond wireless technology called SlipStream. This is also a very stable signal and a good range. For those into precision gaming, this is the best wireless choice.

Most people will probably use a combination of wireless and wired. Awesomely you can keep gaming as you recharge unlike some manufacturers of wireless mice.

Next, you need to choose which of the side grips you want your little finger (assuming you're right-handed) to grip; the smooth one or the ridged one. The ridged one includes a ledge to rest your little finger on. Both are included. I preferred the smooth one with no ledge.

Behind either of these covers is space to store the USB dongle, for travel. Very handy!

Next, you need to choose your colours. This achieved in the Corsair iCue software. You can adjust the colours and when they'reactivated. You can also have them in sync with other Corsair peripherals like PC case or keyboard lights. This software is available for Windows or macOS.

Lastly, I tried it out. It felt very comfortable.

The mouse wheel moves very well, it's smooth, but you can feel the satisfying ridges.

The buttons click well, with a sharp but not too loud noise. I also found the extra thumb buttons well positioned. In total, there are seven buttons to program in the iCue software.

It includes an 18,000 DPI sensor which meant it worked well on my desk, a wooden board and my mouse mat.

I found the mouse to be super responsive using any of the methods of connecting it.

This is a superb device and made me realise how important it is to use a quality mouse, whether you're a high-end gamer or a regular user.