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Hands-on review: Dyson Gen5 Detect
Fri, 2nd Dec 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A quality vacuum can make your weekly clean a whole lot easier, and the leaders at Dyson have created a device that seriously stands out.

The new Dyson Gen5 Detect is Dyson's most powerful HEPA cordless vacuum.

Specifications and additional features

Great for all types of cleaning, the Dyson Gen5 Detect has a height of 127.6 cm and a head width of 25 cm. In addition, it only weighs 3.5 kg, making transport and working conditions a breeze.

The new vacuum also uses 14-cylinder technology and has a bin with a volume of 0.7 L.

Compared to previous models, the Gen5 Detect also comes with significantly improved run time. Use time is now up to 70 minutes, so you will often always have battery power, even if your space is large. The charging time is up to 4.5 hours.

The batteries are also now switchable, which can help extend the machine's run time. 

The Dyson team has made this vacuum as convenient as possible with various new technological developments.

Emptying the bin can be done in one action with the hygienic ejection mechanism, which drives dust and debris deep into your bin in one action.

Thanks to the new Fluffy Optic cleaning head (the LED), the Dyson Gen5 Detect is suitable for all floor types, hard-to-reach places, mattresses, stairs and sofas. According to Dyson, this new feature can reveal twice as much microscopic dust.

After use, the vacuum slots easily into a charging dock that you can fix to a wall to keep it ready for the next clean.

Dyson has also reworked its 'dust detect LCD screen'. This new feature shows you when your floor is clean. A sensor counts and sizes dust particles, automatically increasing power when it detects more dust.

There is also a summary of the status of your home/area when you finish cleaning.


This Dyson vacuum hosts some of the most advanced vacuum technology.

It's got a new fifth-generation Hyperdymium motor, which delivers 262 air watts of suction. 

In terms of filtration, the machine features a fully sealed, whole-machine HEPA filtration system, which Dyson reckons can capture 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns.

Power modes

Another handy application is the ability to select different power modes. There are three different types of power modes: 

Auto mode: This mode automatically adjusts suction power across different floor types to maximise efficiency and battery life.

Boost mode: Boost mode is more for intensive and spot cleaning.

Eco mode: This third power mode is for longer cleans on all floor types.


This 5th generation of the Dyson Detect is by far the most powerful, and it is also faster and smaller than its predecessors. 

And while the device is very powerful, Dyson has still managed to make the vacuum pretty quiet as well.

The Dyson Gen5 Detect is the perfect choice if you are looking for an agile, powerful and quiet vacuum.