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Hands-on review: Jabra Evolve2 75 headphones
Mon, 29th Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Jabra Evolve2 75 headphones are part of the increasingly popular Evolve2 Jabra product range. These new headphones are engineered to offer you a flexible and enjoyable experience through their impressive battery, connectivity, sound quality, and many other features.


With this headset, you can be sure to be connected and productive all day, thanks to active noise cancellation. This means you can work in any noisy place like from home, at the office or anywhere else. The push of a button allows you to stay in your bubble.

To ensure you are not disturbed, a light built into a headset activates when you are on a call, and you can also turn it on yourself to let others know you are busy.

In addition, the product's 40 mm speakers also allow an immersive musical experience, and the eight strategically-placed microphones ensure that the person calling you will hear you very well in any surroundings.

This wireless headset also meets Microsoft's Open Office requirements and can be certified by Microsoft Teams or by Zoom and Google Meet through a UC variant.


With this product, Jabra decided to move to a higher level of autonomy. The battery delivers up to 25 hours of talk time or 36 hours of music time on a single charge meaning. Besides this, it provides an impressive charge time of up to 160 minutes, so you can gain 4 hours of battery after just 15 minutes of charging.

Comfort and design 

Jabra Evolve2 75 was designed with dual-foam tech to offer incredible comfort.

You can easily adjust it for your head as well, as the cushion and sensors are built into the speakers. When you take off the headphones, it pauses directly.

There are many colour and style versions of this headset as well. You can choose between dark or beige colours, and if you want a charging cradle or not. There are also options for a USN dongle to connect USB A or USB C.


To connect the Evolve2 75 to your computer, you can plug the USB cable or join it to Bluetooth like on your phone.

The sound transition from the computer to the laptop is very well done. For example, you can work on your computer and receive a call on your phone simultaneously, so you just have to press the button on your headphone, answer, then hang up, and it automatically is put back on your computer.


Thanks to the Sound+ application, you can customise the audio to your liking to enjoy an enhanced experience.

You can choose your vocal assistant and even take a hearing test so that Jabra Evolve2 75 can use your listening profile. Then, you have the choice to select the hear-through or the active noise cancellation features, setting the level you want for ultimate personalisation.

Another exciting feature is the ability to pre-set the music settings, for example, if you want more bass, treble, lyrics and boosting.

These headphones are a fantastic addition to the Jabra portfolio and are ideal for any listening situation in today's constantly evolving world.