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Hands-on review: JBL Quantum 350 Wireless Headset
Mon, 12th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With its Quantum range, the American audio equipment manufacturer JBL has positioned its products as a solid choice for gaming headsets. The Quantum 350 positioned itself as the perfect balance between a great quality of sound and an affordable price compared to devices on the current market. This headset is addressed to daily gamers as well as daily computer workers.


The Quantum 350 headset is delivered with its detachable voice-focus microphone, a charging cable and its wireless connection’s USB dongle.
The wireless connection of the headset is operated by this USB dongle. The first time you will use the device, you will be able to install the JBL QuantumENGINE software suite - which takes you just a few minutes. This software gives you access to all features of the headset and allows you to set your own audio and microphone settings. The software also allows you to enjoy QuantumSURROUND technology, which provides you with amazing spatial sound. I personally liked the equalizer, thanks to which I have been able to fill in the bass. The software is only available on Windows.

This headset has 22 hours of battery autonomy, which provides you with enough power for your daily gaming sessions during the week. The speed charge technology of the device allows you to gain 1-hour autonomy for only 5 minutes of charging.

The Quantum 350 is very pleasant to wear. Its memory foam ear cushion design guarantees you great comfort and doesn’t hurt the head even during long gaming sessions. They are enjoyable and are not too heavy on your ears.


The Quantum 350 confirms its gamer performance with the lossless 2.4GHz wireless. This technology offers a high quality of live sound without any delay. Very useful when you and your team are in the last 5 minutes of your battle game.

The main features of this headset come from the famous QuantumSURROUND spatial sound technology. We were so excited to review it, and the results were as good as we expected! When you open the software suite, you can choose to activate the spatial sound or not. The first time, it is a bit strange to go from stereo to it, but after an hour, you can't live without it. The sound puts you in the heart of the action and provides you with an unbelievable gaming experience. The Quantum 350 is also perfect for people like me who use it for listening to background music at work. It was also awesome to see how the volume of the sound has a great amplitude: you can turn it very quiet but still hear it. We didn’t try to put it at maximum volume, but the sound was already at a good volume and quality at 50%.

When it comes to  the sound of the microphone, it can be set as you decide. you can change the level, volume and sidetone of it, which is very interesting, according to what you want to do with the headset.


We really appreciate the JBL Quantum 350 Wireless for its quality of sound as well as its design. This is definitely the device you need if you seek a good gaming experience for an affordable price. if you want to go further, you can have a look at the Quantum 610, that we already reviewed.