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Hands-on review: JBL Quantum One headset
Fri, 3rd Jul 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

JBL is a company well known for its excellent headsets and the new range of Quantum products reflects its huge mark in the audio technology industry. Its most recent and latest model is the JBL Quantum One headset and this might be one of the best headsets that you can buy in 2020.

I jumped at the chance to review the JBL Quantum One headset mainly because I rarely play video games with any sort of additional audio equipment. Ever since I obtained Tinnitus in 2013, I have been hesitant to use loud audio devices in order to protect my hearing.

However, the great thing about the JBL Quantum One is the fact that it has noise cancelling feature. This means I'm able to listen to movies, music or video games in a safe enough volume that won't damage my ears' hearing.

My mistake in 2013 was listening to heavy metal band Metallica on the bus far too loudly, but thanks to this new headset, I can listen to them without worrying about the damaging consequences. The JBL Quantum One headset even easily drowned out the white noise my father makes when he's boiling water using his kettle. I usually hated him when I was playing games and the kettle turned on, but now I can listen to my video games in peace.

The new headset is more than just a device that plays audio because the Quantum One is able to mimic surround sound without the need for you to buy expensive audio equipment. One of my favourite movie series of all time is Star Wars and I always loved watching them in the cinema for their awesome lightsaber and laser blast sounds.

At home, I had normally watched the films using my TV speakers only and the experience wasn't the same as inside of a cinema. With the Quantum One headset though, I was able to experience cinema-style surround sound in my own home.

I binged watched the Star Wars movies and The MandalorianTV show on Disney+ and the audio experience was amazing thanks to this new headset. The headset may not give you the same impact as an IMAX screen, but it was close enough to mimic the quality of a normal cinema sound.

The Quantum One headset is also optimised for PCs, and playing the likes of Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II was as awesome as watching the movies. I cannot describe how loud it was hearing a TIE Fighter roar across my screen. It's something you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate how crystal clear the sound is while wearing the Quantum One headset.

Even though the Quantum One headset can be plugged into a computer using the USB Port, it also comes with another connector that allows you to use the device with any headphone jack. While the headset works best on a PC, I still managed to have a lot of fun using the headset on my PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

While the quality of the audio wasn't as good as it was on PC, console gamers can still use this headset to full effect. The device even comes with an attachable microphone which I used to talk to my online PSN friends. The microphone is responsive and I didn't really have any issues with it whenever I spoke into it.

The headset also enhanced my music because I could adjust it to increase the bass sounds in all of the songs in my library. It was also helpful that I was able to connect the headset to my smartphone and use it while I'm out and about.

In terms of comfortability, the JBL Quantum One headset does not hurt my ears when I was using it for several hours. The headset has nice and soft ear cushions, plus it can be adjusted to fit heads of all sizes. Even though I have a small head, the headset didn't feel too heavy or sore after hours of use.

From a design point of view, the headset is by far the most stylish one I have ever used in my entire life. The headset was pretty cool to wear at night time because the earpieces light up whenever they are turned on.

The only thing that might turn people away from the JBL Quantum One headset is its very high price. If you want to buy this particular headset I reviewed, several New Zealand retailers are selling it for around $549! This is by far the most expensive headset I have ever used and it's around the same price as a new Xbox One and PS4 cost these days.

Another small issue I had with the headset is that the USB connector felt way too long for my taste. It would have been nice if the headset was wireless given how expensive it is, although it still managed to connect to all of my devices without too much hassle.

Overall, the JBL Quantum One headset is a premium product that delivers excellent sound no matter what device you use it on. It's also very comfortable and one of the best headsets I have ever used. The main thing that might put off potential buyers though is its high price tag. With that being said, I can only recommend this product for high income earners only.