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Hands-on review: Mokibo Fusion MKB420 Bluetooth keyboard
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, I checked out South Korean peripheral manufacturer Mokibo’s MKB420 Fusion keyboard. I also managed to snag myself one to try back in the office.

The Fusion keyboard is a universal portable, foldable, Bluetooth keyboard that works with Windows, Linux, Android and Apple devices. As well as being a keyboard, each key has a touch sensor, turning the entire device into a touchpad.

The review sample came in minimalistic packaging, just enough to protect the keyboard in transit. There were also no printed instructions included in the package; instead, a QR code on the box sent me to the product website with all the information I needed to get going. The keyboard is charged via a USB Type-C cable, which is not included, but you likely have one for your mobile device that’ll work.

The Mokibo’s Fusion MKB420 keyboard is really easy to use and, apart from a few of the more advanced functions, pretty intuitive. The cover folds open and back, which also switches on the device. The magnetised cover can then be positioned as a stand for your portable device or to prop the keyboard up at an angle.

At 256mm x 142mm x 9.4mm and weighing only 345g, the keyboard is small enough to tuck away in your bag, ready to turn your mobile devices into a portable office.  Up to three Bluetooth device pairings can be stored on the keyboard. A long press on one of the three pairing keys (with the FN) pairs the keyboard with your device. This allows you to hop between your phone, tablet or laptop with ease.

The keyboard worked flawlessly with my Android phone, a Lenovo tablet and the couple of Asus laptops I tested it with. There is a key for switching between Windows, Linux, Apple and Android operating systems. An LED lights up according to the selected OS. This LED is between another LED that shows battery status and the three pairing indicator LEDs.  

The chiclet-style keyboard is easy to type on. The keys are responsive and have a positive press. The keyboard has function keys that double up as volume control, mic mute and camera on/off buttons.

The keyboard’s trackpad function takes a bit of getting used to. I found that the cursor had a very short delay before it started moving. This meant making sure not to hesitate when moving the cursor and to, where possible, move the cursor in one action. Even with this delay, I found using the keyboard touchpad much more preferable to that of the tiny notebook touchpads. The trackpad also supports multi-touch shortcut gestures.  

A bit of a surprise was the ease with which the keyboard also works with the Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset. Bluetooth pairing was easy, with the Quest 3 using the keyboard’s Android OS setting. The Quest 3’s AR passthrough camera meant I could see the Mokibo Keyboard and type easily using apps like Word. The touchpad function also came in handy, as did controlling a cursor in the VR device. The keyboard’s discreet size makes it a perfect accompaniment for an augmented reality office.
As well as the universal MKB420 version, there are versions exclusively for both the 12.9” (MKB420-A12) and 11” (MKB420-A12) iPad Pro. These have an identical keyboard layout but have a folio design that also acts as a case.

The Mokibo Fusion MKB420 Bluetooth keyboard is a slim, lightweight Bluetooth keyboard that is still a good size for typing. The keyboard touch function takes away the need to bring a mouse with you and is much better than a notebook touchpad. The no-nonsense setup that allows you to switch between three different devices rounds out a handy little portable keyboard for all your devices.