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Hands-on review: OBSBOT Meet 4K
Mon, 3rd Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Since the new era of online work and meetings, computer accessories have never been as important. Today’s review is about a webcam that will enhance and light up your video call for the ultimate working experience.

Founded in 2016 by REMO TECH, who are specialists in smart cameras, the brand OBSBOT provides new technologies in the field of videography. With Meet series devices, its new range of products, OBSBOT provides an amazing video experience. 


The OBSBOT Meet 4K is the most powerful webcam in the Meet range. The size of the device is 56 X 44 X 32mm, which is very compact. A sturdy base can fix the webcam on your laptop, and the socle is removable so you will be able to set the camera as you wish. 

The set-up of the Meet 4K is very simple, you just need to plug the device into your laptop and start to use it - no need to manage any pre-settings.

Another valuable aspect of the camera is that the device is very easy to transport and from several devices. The device is delivered with its magnetic foldable mount, a privacy cover and the USB-C cable. You can buy additional accessories as well, like a mic or a remote controller to improve the quality of your meetings.


The device transmits an amazing high-quality image that makes your motion smooth and with less lag.

The most impressive feature of the Meet 4K is definitely the AI auto-framing. This technology allows you a perfect framing of yourself and adapts itself to all situations. Alone or with a group of people, the camera detects faces and adjusts the frame automatically. The first time we dealt with the device, we found it impressive how fast it was to detect faces and adjust the frame instantly. 

The AI auto-framing follows your movement as well, which is very good for your remote presentations or speaking. If your full body is showing, the Meet 4K will automatically set itself on Landscape Upper Body mode and will target your upper body to afford a more natural image. 

Other main features of this webcam are the Group mode, which zooms out to cover all the participants properly, and the Portrait mode, which allows you to make more efficient presentations and records you in smartphone format as well. 

Simple but efficient, the webcam has a removable privacy cover to put on when you are not using the device.


The OBSBOT Meet 4K is an incredible webcam mixing high-quality images and clever auto-tracking. Whether its a presentation on a board or a meeting from the couch, the Meet 4K will definitely increase the quality of your online meeting.