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Hands-on review: Satisfye Limited Edition bundle for Nintendo Switch
Wed, 4th Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Nintendo Switch was called “The Switch” because of its unique feature that allows players to play in handheld mode, as well on a TV like a regular docked home-based console.

For the first year and a half of my Nintendo Switch's life, I found it hard to play in handheld mode. As much as I wanted to play my favourite games on the go, the Nintendo Switch is not exactly “comfortable” to hold. After just a short playtime, I found myself dealing with cramped fingers.

When I discovered the Satisfye Grip, I was excited about the possibility of a product that fixes the Switch's biggest flaw.  I was able to get my hands on the Limited Edition Bundle from Satisfye. When I unboxed the product, it was clear to me that it was of high quality.

Inside the well-designed black box there was a hard-shelled case in blue frost colour, the Satisfye Limited Edition blue frost grip, two sets of thumb pads, two controller rails, a USB-A to USB-C cable and a case shoulder strap.

The grip here is the star of the show. All you have to do is slide your Switch in and you're good to go. The grip edges are covered with little rubber ridges that press against the body of the Switch to keep it held in place, and to protect the Switch from being scratched.

The first time I put the Switch inside the grip, it felt massive! But first impressions are deceiving - as soon as I tried to use it I realised that it is actually not that big. The front of the grip is made of solid high-quality plastic-like material while the back includes rubber-like handles that are really comfortable.

The thing that makes this grip truly special is the way its right-hand side is designed. The Satisfye grip's right side is slightly more angled than the left. This means that your right thumb will be able to comfortably land on the right Joystick as well as be able to reach the right set of buttons without hurting your wrist. This stroke of genius takes the Satisfye grip to the next level and makes it the perfect accessory for anyone who is looking to play their Nintendo Switch portably for extended gaming sessions.

While the grip is usually the star of the show, for this bundle, the fabric-covered hardshell case is underappreciated. Satifye kept their signature red zippers from their standard line. The case has the Satisfye Logo engraved in the middle, which also resembles their signature look. 

On the inside, the case is very well designed. At the bottom, there is a compartment for a power bank to nestle just under the Switch. This way, the provided cable can be used to charge the Switch while it is packed in the bag. Right on top of that, the case is designed to fit the Switch inside the grip perfectly.

The case has a soft middle section that is designed to both cover and protect the screen of the switch while also having space to carry nine games. The other half of the case is a storage area that will fit two sets of JoyCons and any other small accessories. The case also has one extra flap that has a small pocket on one side and 10 game slots on the other side, which means you can carry a total of 19 games in the entire case.

Other accessories like the JoyCon rails and the thumb grips are a nice addition as well. The Thumb grips have a nice feel to them and they provide the extra accuracy. The JoyCon rails are basically just a good way to pack your JoyCons.

Overall, the Satisfye Special Edition Bundle is a great value per buck offer. It offers all the essentials that make for a great handheld and on the go Nintendo Switch experience.

Now that I have it, I don't think I can ever go back to playing in handheld mode without it. And now that I've seen how well everything fits in the case and how safe my Switch is, I will never travel without it.