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Hands-on review: Soundpeats Runfree Sport Headphones and Air4 Wireless Earbuds
Fri, 29th Sep 2023

Ever since Apple decided to not include a headphone jack for its flagship iPhone devices, the sale of Bluetooth headphones has increased over the years. While the Apple AirPods can be quite expensive, you don’t have to worry too much when other companies are releasing their own range of Bluetooth headphones. 

Techday NZ is lucky today to be able to review two new Bluetooth headphones from a company called Soundpeats. The company has kindly allowed us to review both the Soundpeats Runfree Sport Headphones as well as the Air4 Wireless Earbuds. 

The most interesting device of the two has to be the Air4 Wireless Earbuds. The thing that makes this device interesting is the fact that it looks like black-coloured versions of the Apple AirPods! Not to mention, they’re much cheaper, too, as they retail for only $89.99 USD.

Much like the AirPods, there are no wires as you just put the earbuds inside your ear. Unlike some other headphones I have worn in the past, the Air4 earbuds were able to fit inside my ears quite comfortably. 

The only wire you receive is a USB Type-C cable that you plug into the carrying case. The carrying case is like a small circular pill, and it’s a nice place to put your earbuds while they’re charging. 

In terms of sound quality, the audio is loud and clear if you’re listening to music on your smartphone device. The bass is really deep, which is the way I usually like to listen to music.  

The Air4 earbuds also have some noise cancelling technology, so this will help cancel out sounds if you’re travelling on a bus with heavy traffic. The only negative thing I can say about the device is that the earbuds could fall out of your ears if you’re out running really fast. You better make sure not to lose them if you’re out and about!

The other Bluetooth headphones we got to review were the Soundpeats Runfree Sport Headphones. The headphones fit around your head using a rubber-type band, and they are comfortable. They have a similar design to the TOZO Headphones I got to review a few weeks ago. 

I actually like the Runfree Sport Headphones better than the Air4 Earbuds, mainly because I don’t have a fear of them falling out of my ears or head. No matter how hard I shake my head, the headphones still stay on my ears!

The sound quality on the headphones is just as immaculate as the Air4 Earbuds. Music is mostly what I listen to on my phone, although some movies still sound decent on them, too. Since I have the Disney+ app on my phone, I used the headphones to listen to the lightsabers clash in the new Ahsoka TV series from the Star Wars franchise. The sounds of the show were much better using the headphones than when I was watching it using my old TV speakers. 

Another thing people will like about the Runfree Sport Headphones is that they have a 14-hour playtime if you are using it on a full charge. It also only takes you 1.5 hours to fully charge them when you are not using them. 

Overall, I feel both devices from Soundpeats are an excellent alternative if you think other headphones are too expensive. I would recommend the Runfree Sport headphones over the Air4 Earbuds due to better comfort, but both devices are really good for your music or movie needs.