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Hands-on Review: Thronmax Mdrill Zero Microphone & Zoom Boom Arm
Tue, 30th Nov 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A short while ago, I was given the opportunity to review the Thronmax Mdrill Zero Microphone, originally planning to use it to run online D-D games.

Then it occurred to me. My partner is a streamer, and through her I'd be able to put the device to the test to see if it really does offer a comparable experience to other top-tier steamer gear.

From the second the package showed up on our doorstep, we were taken back by the quality, and I was surprised that they threw in a Thronmax Zoom Boom Arm to complete the package.

It took us about 15 minutes to complete the setup and then another 20 to get the Mic positioned just right. While setting all of this up, one of the main things we noted was the material quality; it all feels really solid and well made. Design-wise, the Zoom Boom Arm has an inbuilt wire tract that nicely hides the long microphone cable.

Overall it looks good, really good. It brings that professional studio look to your home office. My partner had the following to say, "I especially like the glowing ring which indicates the mic's current state (red off, blue Uni, and green Omni direction).

She continues, "I also appreciate the inclusion of the velcro strips for additional cable management." So the setup design is impressive, but when you pair it with the actual quality of the device as well as the relatively low cost, it really makes the Thronmax experience stand out.

Before we get to our experience, I'll give you a quick rundown of the Mdrill Zero's specs and what you can expect from the device. The Zero comes with Vertigain Technology which helps increase the quality and clarity of the device.

It has two recording patterns, Cardioid and Omni-directional. Cardioid mode is what we mostly use for Vocal recording while streaming, whereas omnidirectional mode would be used for video conferencing or similar applications. The device has a sample rate of 48kHz, bit rate of 16 bit, and frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz.

The Thronmax MDrill Zero also comes equipped with a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and allows you to listen to what you're recording in real-time. You can adjust the volume of your headphones using a control on the front of the microphone, which is a neat little feature.

So on to the actual streaming experience. While my partner streamed, I listened in and took notes. One of the first things I noticed was that compared to her previous microphone, her voice came through clearer than ever. It was as if all of the scratchy grey noise was taken out of the background and we were left with just her voice.

My partner comments, "Listening back, it really stood out to me, the sound was very clear and I didn't need to use any extra filters to get rid of white noise while streaming. The Uni-directional setting did very well at removing background noises coming from behind the camera like you talking (pointing at me, your humble reviewer)."

When all was said and done, the only background noise the Zero didn't successfully filter out completely was our screaming Parrot, Yoshi, but even then it did a better job of it than our previous microphone. So for sound quality, the Zero gets a thumbs up from me.

Because my partner does sculpting, it's really important that the microphone keeps the quality up but also doesn't get in the way. That's where the Zoom Boom Arm really came in handy, it meant that throughout her stream she could make micro-adjustments to the height and distance of the microphone, leaving her plenty of space to do her thing all while keeping the quality up.

"The boom is super easy to set up and pose. It's very versatile and is a brilliant addition to almost any setup. The two different clamp methods are also a nice addition," my partner concluded.

Overall the Thronmax Mdrill Zero Microphone - Zoom Boom Arm really got the job done, and I would highly recommend this combo to any streamer looking to upgrade their setup. Moreover, if you're looking for a good affordable mic to do some recording in the office, I suspect the Zero will impress there as well.