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Hands-on review: Tozo S3 Smartwatch and T20 Ear Buds
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Tozo may be a new name for us here in the Antipodes, but they are making inroads with an array of quality products that are quite impressive. Earlier, I reviewed the Golden X1 earbuds and was impressed with the aesthetics, quality, and performance. I leapt at the chance to review the S3 Smart Watch and the T20 Ear Buds. Looking through the Tozostore website has been quite a revelation, and I was taken with one of their by-lines, “Be your own Santa!” You could literally do all your Christmas shopping there, so take note, all you last-minute shoppers. I can imagine the delight of unboxing these items on Christmas day. The presentation is top-notch, with attractive packaging, which will delight anyone finding these in their Christmas stockings. 

Tech Specs

Smart Watch with Bluetooth Calling
1.83 inches Large HD Colour touchscreen
Heart Rate, Sleep, Blood & Activity Tracking
Bluetooth Connectivity and Compatibility
Long-lasting Battery Life & IP68 Waterproof

7mm speakers
ENC with Dual Mic Call Noise Reduction
Smart LED Digital Display and support wireless charge
Stereo &Reality Sound Quality
Latest Bluetooth 5.3 Technology

Tozo S3 Smart Watch

I have absolutely loved using this watch over the past few weeks. As I type, it is just finishing recharging and has gone for over the specified time between charges. I managed to use it for over two weeks between charges, although I admit that I am still yet to use many of the functions which it comes with. The first thing I did was to customise my home screen with one of my own photos so that my late wife smiles at me every time I check my watch. I find that it helps me in the grieving process, as well as putting a smile on my face every time I check the time.

Recently, I have had a bit of a health downturn. The S3 has a myriad of health functions that enable me to monitor my blood-oxygen saturation levels, as well as my heart rate. That’s just the beginning. I haven’t used the sleep analysis function yet, nor the workout settings. However, I have found it really useful for checking messages. In terms of customisation, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of watch faces you can choose from. I chose a simple one with just the date and time, but the beauty is that you are in control of the information displayed. 

The Tozo Health app ensures that your watch remains in synch with your phone, and Tozo appears to be proactive in keeping the software up to date. In just a couple of weeks of use I have had a software update, reassuring in this fast-paced time where everything changes quickly.

You will be blown away by the types of settings available. I have just finished adjusting my notification settings to prompt me to drink water, move about regularly and to wash my hands. Lady MacBeth would have loved that feature! There is even a medication reminder, a must-have for people like me who tend to forget easily. 

T20 Ear Buds
The Tozostore website states, “Enjoy the convenience of the LED digital display, immerse yourself in crystal-clear communication with dual-mic ENC noise cancellation, and stay powered up with wireless charging. With an impressive 48.5-hour battery life and IPX8 water resistance, the TOZO T20 earbuds are your perfect audio companions for seamless, versatile listening.”

 I was keen to see how they compare with the Golden X1 earbuds, and I wasn’t disappointed. Connecting them via Bluetooth took mere seconds, and straight away, they beeped when the S3 watch prompted me to drink some water. As I typed away on my iPhone, I had to get used to the clicks coming through on the earbuds. The Tozo App allows for a high degree of customisation of sound settings, and as a lover of bass, that was my first go-to. I’m finding the T20 just as comfortable as the Golden X1, and I haven’t even played with the six different sizes of ear tips. The T20 are sweatproof and IPX8 waterproof, a boon for all you fitness fanatics who love jogging in the rain. The T20 gives you up to 48.5 hours of battery life. For those of you in need of some relaxation, you will love the selection of soothing sounds available on the Tozo app. 

To clarify, I am referring to two apps in this review: the Tozo app and the Tozo health app. Both will keep you happily engaged as you tweak settings to personalise your experience.

I had to look really hard to find any niggles, and the only one I could find was that my chubby wrists needed a slightly longer watch strap. Fortunately, the Tozostore website has a breathable alternative that is a few millimetres longer than the one provided. I look forward to Tozo becoming a brand that will gain a  foothold Down Under. With the quality and endless features, they are well worth investigating. And now I must go. My watch is telling me I need to have a glass of water and go for a walk.