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Hands-on Review: Twelve South Curve Flex
Wed, 19th Jul 2023

When I began writing this review, why was my first thought of a sack of potatoes? I have recently started using Twelve South’s Curve Flex, and it is proving to be life-changing. I have been in my study for several hours and have sat up with beautiful posture the whole time. My neck isn’t stiff, and my back isn’t sore. Twelve South are to blame for my feeling so good.

I love my MacBook Pros and have not had to resort to a desktop computer in years. A while back, I invested in a larger monitor, but unlike my MacBook, I can’t take it with me to the living room, where I spend a lot of my productive time. The Curve Flex is fast becoming my constant companion. It doesn’t care whether I’m on a coffee table, dining table or the seat of my walker. Unlike previous monitor stands, the Curve Flex is light, compact, and easily transportable.

Out of the Box: Twelve South’s Curve Flex comes with an owner’s guide and convenient travel sleeve. An inside pocket contains a hex tool in case you need to make any adjustments. A removable setup guide shows you how to set up the Curve Flex.

Both height and viewing angle are adjustable, and I have spent a little time finding my sweet spot. The guide tells you where your three pivot points are, and the setup guide conveniently labels points A through C so you know where to place your hand when making changes.

I have chosen to use one of my keyboards, so ergonomically, I am set up perfectly. I can’t help but notice my perfect posture, accompanied by a surprising lack of back pain, my constant companion for the past year or so. Twelve South point out that your webcam angle is also optimised. I’ve experimented with this, and one side effect was the removal of light glare on my glasses when I was positioned directly in front of my webcam. I’d have to add that my good looks were enhanced from a front-on view rather than my previous angled views.

I have spent some time mulling over which features really stand out on the Curve Flex. To make it easier, I’ve broken it down into two areas: product features and user benefits.

Tech Specs:

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 0.8 kg

Height: 27.4cm

Length: 22.4cm

Width: 26.4cm

Colour: White or Black

Product Features: The design is incredibly clever. When I first saw a picture of the Curve Flex, I thought that it must be quite flimsy. It isn’t. Once you’ve set up your height and angle, it stays put. So does the laptop. The laptop sits on a gently curving, non-skid surface, which also allows for plenty of air circulation. Unlike previous static models of laptop stands, the Curve Flex is lightweight and folds down for easy transport along with your laptop. The travel sleeve is a handy feature, meaning you can put things away when not in use.

User Benefits: I’ve already mentioned improved posture. I can’t recall remaining seated for so long without reverting to my normal slouch. Being able to look straight ahead reduces a lot of neck and back strain. Even my hands and arms feel more relaxed, and I have remained sitting up straight with no hint of back pain. If you are one of those fortunate folk with an adjustable workstation, you will love using the Curve Flex as you stand and work. If you use an external display, the Curve Flex means you can use your displays side by side, giving you a dual monitor setup. The fact that you can have both screens at the same height will be a bonus to those users for whom one desktop workspace is never enough. Finally, this is the MacBook stand that you can take with you.

A little research shows me that Twelve South certainly like to innovate and not rest on their laurels. Those of you familiar with their Curve stand will appreciate this innovative step forward.

Price Spy shows pricing from $139.95. Personally, this has been one item that has had me excited, having side benefits I hadn’t considered. Not only is the Curve Flex a product that looks as good as it is to use, but it even makes the user look good. I’m off to give myself a merit award for sitting up nice and straight for several hours.