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Hands-on review: Twelve South’s Curve Riser
Mon, 14th Dec 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

 A well-organised desk continues to be the driving power behind any successful professional, especially in a year where we are spending so much time at our home desks. As an Apple fan, Twelve South is one of my favourite brands to look at when organising a desk space. This time, I got the chance to take a look at the Curve Riser.

The Curve Riser is one of Twelve South's newest desktop stands. The design of the new stand was inspired by the brand's MacBook stand, the ‘Curve'. The Curve was designed to elevate MacBooks and have them be at the optimal working angle. The Curve rise takes that concept and applies it to iMacs and additional external monitors.

Just like the Curve, the Curve Riser is designed to elevate your display to a more comfortable and optimal viewing height. The Riser will elevate your screen exactly 4.25 inches (10.79 centimetres). It is also designed in a way that gives you two storage spaces.

The Curve Riser itself has a small shelf-like compartment, and then you have the space between the desk and that compartment. This makes it very easy to store hard drives, notebooks and additional equipment like sound cards without having to clutter up your desk.

My Curve Rise houses all of my notebooks, a couple of hard drives, my stationery and even my iPad Air when I am not using it. This leaves the rest of my desk space looking clean and tidy.

The Curve Riser is also the perfect accessory for anyone who is looking to get the new M1 Mac mini. The Mac mini can sit comfortably inside the Curve Rise, and the display monitor can sit on top for the perfect modern looking setup.

The Curve rise is not only convenient, but it also looks great. It is made from premium metal and comes in a matte black colour that will fit any setup. My ideal set up has been to have my MacBook on the black Curve, my display on the Curve Riser and both paired with the black HiRise Wireless charger for my iPhone. All of them put together helped achieve the minimalistic look I needed to survive the strange work conditions of 2020.

The Curve Riser retails for $149.99AUD in ANZ. It can be purchased directly from Twelve South's website, or a number of retailers. It will make for a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend or family member that could use a desktop update.