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Hands-on review: Twelve South’s Curve Stand for MacBook Pro

I strongly believe that a clean and nice-looking desk setup can help boost productivity. There is something about sitting down at a desk that is minimal, nice and organised that just makes me happy and excited to work. In my day to day work, I use the space grey 13-inch MacBook Pro as my main driver. I looked at Twelve South Curve stand to see if it fits my setup.

One of the main reasons I chose to take a look at this stand is how it looks. I've paid so much for my sleek looking laptop, I figured it deserved a nice-looking stand. The Curve has a very minimalistic and modern one-piece design. It is made completely out of aluminium and it feels sturdy. I was surprised by how sturdy it is.

On the top arms, it has two non-slip silicone grips for the laptop to sit on. It also has the same grips at the bottom which keep it steady in its place while making sure it doesn't scratch the desk. This one-piece design is accompanied by a classic matte black finish to complements the space grey of my MacBook Pro perfectly. 

I have the MacBook Pro set up with an external monitor, mouse and keyboard.  With the addition of the Curve, my laptop is now elevated to the same level as my monitor. This makes it very easy to use it in dual screen mode, as it makes the transition between the two screens very natural.

The fact that it has two arms to hold the laptop is a very smart design. This makes it very easy for users to open the MacBook with one arm as it gives us full access to the front screen lift. This design also allows for maximum airflow which helps in overheating prevention.

I also use the Curve laptop a different way in my setup. This is nowhere on their website, as I do not think it was intended to be used that way.  I found that Curve actually makes for a perfect iPad Pro 12.9 inch stand! When I have the iPad set up with an external mouse, the Curve stand helps elevate it so that I am looking at it straight ahead rather than hunched over it. It is also perfect for when I am taking notes or drawing on Procreate. The stand is sturdy and can hold the iPad in a stable position that is perfect for use with the Apple Pencil.

If you are in the market for a sturdy, stylish, minimalistic, and versatile laptop stand, then Twelve South's Curve is a great option.

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