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Hands-on review: 3SIXT Studio True Wireless Earbuds

18 Dec 17

Using Bluetooth, the two earbuds fit into your ears without the need for cables connecting to your devices. The “true wireless” relates to the earbuds not even needing a cable for charging. The earbuds come with a stylish case that doubles up as a charger. You just place the buds in the magnetic slots in the case and they start charging.

The case has a rechargeable 500mAh battery built in which can be used to charge the earbuds five times before needing a charge itself. With the earbuds, themselves offering up 3 hours use per charge, that’s a max of 18 hours playtime before you need to find a power supply. They will take 1-2 hours to charge.

I tested the earbuds with my Sony Xperia XZ and worked flawlessly. They provided me with a great sound even at the deafeningly high volume that I like to listen to music. A little left field, I also connected them up to the review PC for some gaming, again, no worries.

I would recommend that you experiment with small, medium and large sized rubber ends to get a match with your ears. You want a snug fit or you are going to lose them.

Ear Buds

It takes a while to remember the button presses (remember to put the right bud in the right ear), but you can take calls, ignore calls and hang up without touching you phone. You can skip music tracks, but you will need to use your phone to adjust the volume.   

Whilst the charging case is very snazzy it could do with being a bit sturdier. The lid of the case is clear plastic that looks good and shows off the buds now, but it is likely to get a bit scratched up rattling around in my bag/pocket.

It’s worth noting that these earbuds are not waterproof. You are likely to be OK in a light shower, as they do have a level 4 water ingression level, but anything more and you’ll need to take care. Australian and New Zealand owners benefit from a 2-year warranty.

The 3SIXT Studio True Wireless Earbuds work exactly as they should. Pairing is a breeze and they offer you great sound and decent battery life. As with all these tiny wireless ear buds you need to make sure they fit snug, or you will lose them. Personally, I love how discrete they are. On leaving the car I pop them in and continue to listen to my favourite tracks on Spotify pretty-much seamlessly. At NZ$150 and AU$130, they are a great alternative to cumbersome wired earphones.

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