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Hands-on review: APC Back-UPS 950/1400

09 Feb 16

A few years ago, I lost the best VCR I’d ever owned.  A car had crashed into a power pole, and when power was restored I heard a “pop” and my VCR was no more. The  APC Back-UPS would have saved my beloved VCR and any other device attached to it.

The UPS works as both a battery back-up and a surge protector, and also offers so much more as it promises peace of mind for your critical devices. It enables you to protect your work and save your data in the event of a power cut.

One feature I really like is the Power Chute software. Simply connect to the Back-UPSwith a USB cable. The APC Website has different software versions depending on your situation, and the number and types of UPS you have deployed. The software contains management features that will;

  • Preserve work, and shut down the system during power cuts
  • Monitor and display the battery status of the Back-UPS.
  • Restart your system
  • Customise the Back-UPS settings.

Simply follow the directions on the website to download the software.

The APC also has visual and audible signals, consisting of red/green flashing lights and beep signals.  The documentation explains the visual and audible indicators.  It also has a range of voltage sensitivity settings. Automatic Voltage Regulation, according to the brochure, “boosts/trims the AC voltage when it drops/exceeds safe levels. You will need to allow 8 hours for the battery to charge, and the AVR will help conserve battery levels in case of a power cut. If you operate an analogue phone system, it can be routed through the UPS as well. The APC promises to “guard against damaging surges and spikes” in the data line.

Whether you’re planning on using the Back-UPS  at work or home, it will protect sensitive devices like your computers, gaming consoles, Network Attached Storage, routers, modems and data projectors.

The Back-UPS unit is compact enough to sit behind my monitor on my desk, or on the floor out of the way. The test unit had six sockets, and while I was tempted to try and overload the system, I suspect I would have needed some heavy duty power-tool to even get close. The beauty of the Back-UPS is that you can forget it is there, and just get on with your work, knowing that it will take care of things should something go wrong with the power supply.  

It’s worthwhile to view the video clip on Schneider Electrical’s website. It underlines the importance of protecting our home network appliances. It means that your home network will keep up and running in case of any disruption to your power.

If staying connected is important to you, Back-UPSmay be the solution you need.

For more information, click here for the website.

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